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Open Source Character Creation

MB-Lab is a Blender addon that creates humanoid characters

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Professional topology

Complete mesh with teeth, tongue, eyelashes, gum, and eyes as part of main mesh to morph them and easily export them to external software. Optimized topology for subdivision surface and sculpting.

Ready for animation

Standard skeleton and a well tested rigging, developed to match most external applications and motion capture files. Auto fitting of skeleton. Inverse kinematics

Anthropological phenotypes library

The lab provides a library of preset that covers the most common human phenotypes.

Advanced shaders

Procedural texturing in addition to image maps. Provides support for both Cycles and EEVEE.

Clothing and Hair

Add clothing and hair assetsto MB-Lab characters. Proxy fitting allows the transfer of weights to assets.


Hundreds of moprhing parameters. Fuzzy logic algorithm for interpolation permits to mix the parameters in real-time.

Anime Characters

Create Anime style characters, with custom advanced cell shader

Body Measure System

Create a character just giving the body measures. Currently it supports 33 classic dimensions, as used in the most of anthropometric studies and researches

Facial Expressions

Along with a library of facial expressions, a custom rig is provided to help animate faces

Blender 2.80 Compatible

Blender 2.80 ready and tested daily with new builds

Open Source

MB-Lab is free and Open Source.


MB-Lab is actively developed and supported by an international team of artists and programmers


User Guide

Learn how to use MB-Lab with this detailed User Guide


MB-Lab is actively developed and supported. You can following along the development progress or reach the developers through these channels

Forum Support

Post your queries or follow along the development progress on the BlenderArtists Forums

Discord Chat

Join our discord channel and chat with the developers and the community


Email the developer


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